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hello boys and girls

2008-05-05 10:47:19 by F4Gg0T

/* */
heil you shitty fag use the dick preloader

fuck you

Watch out

2008-02-21 17:40:41 by F4Gg0T

I'm Roy Torince. I took some time off from traviling to work at NG, mostly to screw around with the portals and the blogs... Or at least vote & review on Flash & Auido Submissions just to keep the NG Bots out of my face.

The wolfgang Hitler has surrenderd!

The day is ours!

The Z-Force army sargent, Roy Torince is Victorius!


[Roy Torince]:
Let it be known that on this day! I, Spartan Swordsman, Roy Lavernius Torince, single-handedly overthrew the empire!

The FLASH DEMON has been defeated!


2008-01-22 10:16:33 by F4Gg0T

no im not making a jem shitty parody because it's gay enough without my contribution


2007-12-29 19:34:28 by F4Gg0T


the newcomer is this hella fine fella



2007-12-26 13:53:51 by F4Gg0T


BJ93 says: "fok you"

u ar a sick dickhead
ur a neo-nazi
ur a breezer-ho
did i say ur a neo-nazi
Review Score: 0 / 10




2007-12-21 20:32:25 by F4Gg0T

fuck you im not in the mood


2007-11-12 14:18:56 by F4Gg0T


layout and hallowen are really fucking gay FUCK YOU

2007-10-08 12:06:32 by F4Gg0T

shitty foamy blockhead and salad nigggers the rest is ok

heres a shitty picture for the record

layout and hallowen are really fucking gay FUCK YOU

im gay

2007-09-25 10:31:25 by F4Gg0T

im gay



fuck you goddamn americans i hope you burn

Heil says: "lol"

this was really funny
Review Score: 10 / 10

mfoot0 says: "you sir are a"

fucking asshole and that was a very shitty movie
Review Score: 0 / 10

Cold-Sythe says: "ridiculus"

there are so few words i can use to describe this trash, disgusting comes to mind very often. i don't know how people could be this psychopathic. making fun of bush is one thing, but mkaing fun of the people who died is something elese all together. lets see how funny you think it is when you lose people you love in a terrible way and morons start making fun of that
Review Score: 0 / 10

PieXNinja says: "NO!"

that was horrible and uncalled for now i'm an australian an di wasn't there wen it happened but i sure as hell didnt laugh about it and here's some constructive criticism for you take this piece of shit of the internet you racist!
Review Score: 0 / 10

JDogg711 says: "What the hell is wrong with you people?"

This is wrong. Plain and simple; it's just wrong. Every single one of you authors (especially you, Wolfgang) should be ashamed. I know this tragedy was a while ago, and people are still grieving, but this is just plain hateful. Hell, it's even in your comments! --->
"goddamn americans i hope you burn fucking assholes"
That is EXACTLY what you said! I know I've been warned before about what I can or cannot say on reviews, but for this Flash, I don't care; this is awful. Why it hasn't it been blammed or the whistle been blown on it BEFORE it got through, I may never know. I commend all those who condemn this, and wonder why others would EVER praise this. I...I'm so angry, I can't keep typing.'s wrong. You can hate people; just keep it to yourself.
Review Score: 0 / 10

lawlmaster says: "You mother fucker!!"

yo iranian< or iraqian or who ever the fuck you are!! you fucking lucky bush isnt dumb enuf to fucking nuke you little fucking asses, so remember who your fucking with , this aint the fucking poor ass whores of a piss poor country , your fucking with the best country in the WORLD!!! AMERICA!!! remember the name of you demise you stupid fucking cum shit!!! we should nuke you babies and pregnant women and your fucking country so it not on the fucking maps!!! so why dont you just kill yourself now muther fucker!!!!!
Review Score: 0 / 10

Cpt-Kael says: "this is a little."

i mean im not hardcore america.
or like woohoo go usa.
or even lets mourn all the people that died every year on 9/11.
i gotta say.
you at least should so them some respect.

i do think us americans really make 9/11 a bigger deal than it actually is.
cause people die all the fuckin time in other countries.
dont get me wrong.
it was a horrible tragedy.

please please please.
go make fun of america some other way.
animate us sucking dicks.
or taking it up the ass.
kill bush.
but dont make fun of a couple thousand people who actually died horrific deaths.
thats just fucked up.
Review Score: 1 / 10

Heavy-Duty-Farker says: "This is something I cannot and will not tolerate."

I agree entirely with manonthemoon516. Regardless of whether or not you like the country, there is absolutely no reason to make an animation like this. Posting something like this not only is blatantly inappropriate, but also disrespects the 2700+ innocent people who were senselessly slaughtered in an act of cowardly terrorism. By posting this you also defame the heroes in NYPD and FDNY who nobly died trying to save the victims. Think twice before you post something like this.
Review Score: 0 / 10

manonthemoon516 says: "Words cannot express my hatred towards you."

If you don't like America, fine. I don't really care about your thoughts. That's your buisness. But when you come here and deliberately insult America and make fun of the 2,775 people (approx) who lost their lives because of 9/11, that's when you cross the line. Suppose you had someone who died from it. Would you enjoy seeing daddy throw himself out of a building because he didn't want to be burned alive? Didn't think so. Keep these thoughts in your head, where they belong. There can be serious consequences when you do something like this, especially on a site where the vast majority of users are American.
Review Score: 0 / 10


peroo says: "go suck hitlers dick"

loli 777777111111 ahahahahahahha

you be hitlers bitch, and rape him up the ass bitch ahahhahaha loliplololli.

Hitler was a fat chick ahhahaha,
Review Score: 0 / 10

Evondral says: "Yep, Humanity is going to die"

Oh, im sorry little one, I suppose you don't realize race is an illusory barrier that only serves to empower the idividual ego and further draw us down the path of utter self-destruction. Hate is obsolete, either that or people are.

Buuuut you'll ignore this anyway, so I can just say, fare thee well, common sense! You just arn't common anymore.

In an attempt to be constructive, you need to revise your entire choice of content to something more suitable, and also try not to be a propoganda-brainwashed twit. Stay smart!
Review Score: 1 / 10

JRHelios says: "sorry i couldn't help this racist movie die sooner"

i woulda given a whistle along with the zero. your movie is nothing but a hate flick. i don't care where you're from but i now have more reason to hate you than you do for me. good job showing your worth.
Review Score: 0 / 10

mario10 says: "Racisim why was this movie passed"

I think tom forgot to put out the garbage and this movie is alo on the news.
Headlined: A Raceist Movie.
Review Score: 0 / 10

james123ca says: "Ass Muncher go eat shit and die enough said"

I'm not going to say anything eat shit and die
Review Score: 0 / 10

KillingUGuy says: "shit"

This was shit... and it WILL be blammed no doubt so I'm not gonna say much. But Max Payne is a gay game.
Review Score: 0 / 10

Krisddd says: "dumbass"

i hope some f-ed up sh*t happens to you. wen it does ill be here to laff about it. idiot.
Review Score: 0 / 10

vVTalonVv says: "Asshole"

You... really need to burn. Seriously. If I had the chance to ruin your life...
Review Score: 1 / 10


darkwolf1200 says: "wha da crap wha dat"

i think u animated a childs crappy drawin that there parents put on the fridge

o yea n american still the dam best

dun like it too bad cuz we kick ur ass anytime anywhere
the worst you can do is kill urself n take some of us with u cuz u know if u fight u gonna lose lmao

america owns ur ass n if we dun we can always invade it
Review Score: 0 / 10

TheDarkJackal says: "that sucked"

everything about this was bad...
Review Score: 0 / 10

Neo-Is-Pro says: "Go Die"

Go Die You CockSucking Piece Of Shit, Im Gonna Find You And Torture You Slowly To Death
Review Score: 0 / 10

dlord100 says: ">=("

go die in a fire
Review Score: 0 / 10

golem-destroy says: "Blam this"

You guys are a disgrace to america. Go die somewhere.
Review Score: 0 / 10

Niktik says: "You dare"

You gross pathetic scourge of a human.
Do you think its funny?
Its not
Review Score: 0 / 10

IronMario says: "Hmm"

While i cant say i love america with all my heart, infact i am rather perturbed by what its become, i can say this

Show some fucking respect for the dead you jerkoff. If you want to insult the country , do it constructively, like protest. This is just shit.
Review Score: 0 / 10

Ryder078 says: "you america hater"

go suck some balls and go die
Review Score: 1 / 10

Hyper2 says: "wow"

i hope satan rapes you in hell
Review Score: 0 / 10

R3zz3r says: "WTF"

well lemme say somethin first it was funny but i gave it bad score because....IT WAS A PIECE OF SHIT...but funny and second off u say u hope americans die or w/e but yet u speak american and newgrounds is american soo u need to stop talkin shit....andd may i add yalll SUCK BIG DONKEY BALLS and if u got a prob wit me sayin that we can fight cuz im all jacked up on mountain dew bitch!
Review Score: 3 / 10

banchy44 says: "Not our faultm FAGGOT!"

Go kill yourself, how the hell did this make it through? You damn British Guy!
Review Score: 0 / 10

Trombonist15 says: "Wow"

Offensive, as expected but why the hell is it 4 mb?
Review Score: 0 / 10

SaltshakerClock says: "I won't watch it."

I won't watch it, because by the last review, It is crap.
Review Score: 0 / 10

MTNSGT says: "pathetic"

see above
Review Score: 0 / 10

Goldtop says: "You are sick."

I consider this an insult to each and every person who died on 9/11/2001, including those who died on flight 93 to stop that plane crashing into the white house.
Review Score: 0 / 10

mjnoir1 says: "...."

whistle blown
Review Score: 0 / 10

maxpayne121 says: "Fuck this movie!!"

This is a piece of shit, dont watch it
Review Score: 0 / 10